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22 American Expat Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

When (since acquired by check it out!)  they created an excellent resource for women of all nationalities who find themselves in other countries. Included in the original content were interviews with women who are also expat entrepreneurs. They discussed their companies, issues they had starting up and much more.

Fortunately via the Internet Archive those stories can still be read. There are several Americans interviewed, including:

Expat Women: Business Idea: The Pajama Company: Ellie Badanes
Running a business that she loves, being able to wear her pajamas all day “for research”, and having a portable career that she can take anywhere – this is the tale of how American Ellie Badanes reinvented herself from retail buyer to online entrepreneur, after accompanying her spouse on expat stints in Copenhagen, Denmark; and London, United Kingdom.

Expat Women: Business Idea: Alice in Cakeland: Rebecca Treherne
Following the birth of her son in 2008, Rebecca longed to start a creative business from home. Missing American sweets, cakes and desserts, she discovered this was a virtually untapped market in the Netherlands.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Chef In Berlin: Jill DiGiovanni
When growing up near Niagara Falls, Jill DiGiovanni dreamt of being happily swept away. Her dream came true; first when she began cooking as a chef on the seas, and now, while running her own business as a chef in Berlin.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Little Broadway – Tiffany Jansen
Trained in musical theater and dance, Tiffany Jansen started Little Broadway, a musical theater program for international school students in the Netherlands. Its mission, ‘bringing a little bit of Broadway to the Netherlands’, is fulfilled through a series of fun and interactive workshops.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Stylemakers – Renée Coppinger
Fashion-lover Renée Coppinger is a shining example of an expat woman entrepreneur who is both following her passion and successfully reinventing herself, over and over. From electronics, to fashion, to care giving, to study, to artist and then back to fashion, Renée has set up businesses in three countries.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: RNG International Grappo Educational Consultants – Rebecca Grappo
Rebecca Grappo is a professional educator who has successfully combined her advocacy and teaching experience with her need to develop a portable career abroad. After living, working and teaching overseas, Rebecca started her business in 2006 in Oman.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: La Tavola Marche – Ashley Bartner
After years of travel and eating their way through every state and country they visited, Ashley and Executive Chef Jason Bartner decided to share their love for food with others by setting up La Tavola Marche, an agriturismo establishment in Sant’Angelo in Vado, Italy.

Business Ideas: Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Career By Choice – Megan Fitzgerald
We talk to Megan Fitzgerald, who is an expat career and personal branding coach and the founder of Career By Choice. She helps expats and international development professionals worldwide use their personal brand to build a career or business that ‘fits’ who they are and their international lifestyle.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Somnio Hotels – Lauren & Lee Gonzalez
We talk to Lauren and Lee Gonzalez, who are creating an upscale hostel chain in Barcelona, Spain. Learn from their experience as they share their five tips for budding entrepreneurs starting their businesses abroad.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: HM Risk Group – Ashley Hunter
We talk to Ashley Hunter and find out how an African-American woman from Texas, classically-trained in violin and vocals, with an undergraduate degree in music, came to be working in insurance in Bahrain.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Curvas Peligrosas – Robina Oliver
If you have ever prayed for a gorgeous bathing suit to wear by your hotel pool, then Robina Oliver is a woman who is answering prayers like yours. Robina’s dangerously curvy business in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has become an instant hit amongst tourists and locals.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Rainforest Realty – Rev. Macarena Rose
Rev. Macarena Rose moved from the US to Belize, as the Director of her Church. Two years later, she runs Rainforest Realty, hosts a weekly TV show, has coached the Semi Pro Men’s soccer team and is the voice on the cell phone system in Belize.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: The Antiques Diva™ – Toma Haines
Toma Haines believes that trailing spouses “have been offered the greatest gift on the planet: the time and resources to pursue their dreams”. Toma’s dream was to live abroad and create her own career in a suitcase. With The Antiques Diva™, that’s exactly what she’s done.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Firefly Coaching – Stephanie Ward
Stephanie Ward is an American living in the Netherlands. Her passion for helping people inspired her to start Firefly Coaching, which aims to help small business owners grow their businesses into long–term sustainable enterprises… and have a great life at the same time.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Nest – Rebecca Kousky
Rebecca Kousky is the founder of Nest, a nonprofit with a mission of giving microfinance loans to female artists in developing countries and an online artistic community.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Authentic Matters – Barbara Rogoski
Barbara, the founder of Authentic Matters, is a professional speaker, trainer, teacher and coach and is considered a “spiritual teacher in a business suit”.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Bella Vita Italia – Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera
Megan is an American expat loving life in Italy. Her company, Bella Vita Italia, llc, is a boutique travel concierge company for visitors to Italy. Their goal is to create the “Ultimate Italian Experience” for their clients.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Bikini Boot Camp – Erica Gragg & Melissa Perlman
After years of traveling by myself and always finding myself saying this place would be great IF only they served healthy food or if only they had more comfortable beds or if only there were other healthy minded travelers.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Pink Ink – Sarah Howes & Ji Shin
Sarah and Ji tell us how they set up their greeting card business in Venezuela.


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