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36 Interviews with Expat Entrepreneurs in Europe is an amazing and comprehensive group of websites for expatriates living in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Moscow, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

One of their features I like most is a series of interviews with expats of various nationalities, answering questions about running a business in their adopted country.

The interviews with Americans are highlighted with the American flag. However, all the interviews are worth looking through, especially for business idea brainstorming.

Expat Entrepreneur in Granada: Mark Stewart
Irish expat Mark Stewart advises fellow expat entrepreneurs to find out how things are done differently in Spain and go with the flow.
Expat Entrepreneur in Paris: Heather Jerue
While the American director of Rendez-vous in Paris appreciates the French government’s efforts to help entrepreneurs start their business, she can’t say the same about the high VAT especially when it upsets her international clients.
Expat Entrepreneur in Paris: Michelle Goldberger
American Michelle Goldberger shares her likes and dislikes about setting up her training & consulting company in networking business in Paris.
Expat Entrepreneur: Martin Parker
British Martin Parker talks about the beauty and companionship of doing business in the Pyrenees, as well as the frustrations when dealing with the slow-paced lifestyle.
Expat Entrepreneur in Dordogne: Linda Turner
British expat Linda Turner cautions on ‘advice’ posted on the internet by non-experts and stresses on the importance of research while choosing a regime for your business.
Expat Entrepreneur in Côtes d’Armor: Jasen Saunders
British expat Jasen Saunders’ carpet fitting services have been well-received by many French people who prefer the English way of fitting carpets using gripper and underlay compared with their ‘stick down all over’ method.
Expat Entrepreneur: David Hampton
American David Hampton finds plenty of opportunities for his medical informatics corporation in the Netherlands to do business globally, but finds that banks have been slow to set up accounts and document balances for tax and government reports.
Expat Entrepreneur: Traci White in the Netherlands
American Expat wedding photographer Traci White already has her first booking…within one month of launching her business.
Expat Entrepreneur in Malaga: Samantha Sintes
British expat entrepreneur Samantha Sintes narrates the many hurdles she and her business partner had to overcome before their online store was set up.
Expat entrepreneur: Jim Bowes is cleaning communications out of the dirt
With a simple, sustainable concept American/Canadian Jim Bowes proves that you can create profit with principals in a business “with a reputation for greed and short-sightedness”: Advertising.
Expat Entrepreneur: Nadine Kazerounian
British expat entrepreneur Nadine Kazerounian tells about her image consultancy business in Spain, and that in order to gain trust among local business culture it’s important to show up at events and be a networking pro.
Expat Entrepreneur: Michel Caes in Rijswijk
French artisanal baker Michel Caes found it very easy to start his business in the Netherlands, and is now opening his fourth location in the Hague.
Expat Entrepreneur: Laura Murat on Southern Burgundy
British expat Laura Murat started her own housing and relocation business specific to Southern Burgundy, and talks about hurdles and gives advice to budding entrepreneurs.
Expat Entrepreneur: Richard Lateano
British expat entrepreneur of says the economic crisis has led companies to become more creative with marketing, and Spain is still a positive atmosphere for running a business.
Expat Entrepreneur: Emma Grenham with Kids in Barcelona
British expat Emma Grenham talks about how setting up a business in Spain is encouraged by locals and expats, but it’s best to  be sure businesses cater towards an existing Spanish market.
Expat Entrepreneur: Ilonka Slechte
Ilonka Slechte had tried to use the service experience gained in the United States in her dealing with clients in Belgium.
Expat Entrepreneur: Amanda van Mulligen
The administrative part of setting up a business in the Netherlands is easy, says British expat Amanda van Mulligen, but make sure you know the market you are targeting and how you will access it.
Expat entrepreneur: Sam Milner on running an Internet business from the Algarve
British expat Sam Milner talks about running an internet business from Portugal–a country where this is not a typical means of gaining income.
Expat Entrepreneur in Germany: Didier Chabi sells humour through hard times
Dutch expat Didier Chabi advises companies to cooperate with related business. And his business promotes an international unity: through laughter.
Expat Entrepreneur in the Netherlands: Uyên Huynh
Expat Uyên Huynh has set up a company where she felt a gap existed in the Netherlands; organising exclusive and multicultural weddings.
Expat Entrepreneur: Silan Kucukokur Bartel in Germany
Turkish entrepreneur Silan Kucukokur Bartel likes the high quality standards in the German business arena but finds that her clients tend to avoid risk and don’t open easily to new partnerships and products.
Expat Entrepreneur: Tiffany Jansen
New enterprise ‘Little Broadway’, which focuses on “bringing a little bit of Broadway to the Netherlands”, has got off to such a flying start that even its American expat founder Tiffany Jansen is surprised.
Expat Entrepreneur in Paris: Alexis Niki
Certified Alexander Technique teacher American Alexis Niki enjoys helping people who feel “disconnected” either physically or emotionally. Her only complaint? Too many holidays in France.
Expat Entrepreneur: Marisa Steyn in Biel-Benken
South African expat entrepreneur Marisa Steyn shares her experiences of setting up a business in Switzerland, bringing functional South African art to the country where the very best is expected.
Expat Entrepreneur in Madrid: Gwendolyn Alston
It took risk-adverse Spaniards some time to get used to Gwendolyn Alston’s video-based informative website, but it’s all worth it, says the American expat.
Expat Entrepreneur: Martyn Claybrough
British expat Martyn Claybrough’s creative thinking enabled him to adapt his business quickly during recession.
Expat Entrepreneur: Barbara Ciccarelli offers skills for life
American expat Barbara L. Ciccarelli runs an educational company in Amsterdam that offers skills courses, face to face and online, for all ages and levels.
Expat Entrepreneur: Francesca Polo helps minds keep healthy in the Netherlands
Italian expat Francesca Polo appreciates the Dutch culture “for the sober yet creative attitude when it comes down to business,” and advises expats to take advantage of training at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
Expat Entrepreneur: Margit Tera on running a business in the Netherlands
Estonian Margit Tera shares her secrets for running a successful private language school for children in the Netherlands.
Expat Entrepreneur: American Photographer Megan Alter in the Netherlands
Thank goodness for the KVK, they are such a helpful organisation, says Photographer Megan Alter who also praises the “great network of people” who helped her get her business off the ground.
Expat Entrepreneur in Megeve: Mike Beaudet
Locals told Mike Beaudet he won’t last beyond five years in the skiing business. The American expat proved them wrong with determination and hard work.
Expat Entrepreneur: Anna Dannfelt in Berbourg
Swedish expat Anna Dannfelt, aromatherapist, stress therapist and holistic coach, says that moving to Luxembourg sort of “happened” but now she is settled and very pleased with her decision.
Expat Entrepreneur: Rebecca Treherne
American founder of Alice in Cakeland Rebecca Treherne finds the Dutch open to new business concepts but educating them on how an authentic American cupcake should taste is a frustrating task!
Expat Entrepreneur: Jamie Müller
Initially finding herself “getting ‘stuck’ in understanding the German entrepreneurial system”, Jamie Müller finds the effort pays off in the end.
Expat Entrepreneur: Georg Behrendt
American Georg Behrendt produces sauces which are unlike the sauces currently made in Germany.
Expat Entrepreneur: Stephanie Ward
Follow up and follow through advises Stephanie Ward (Firefly Coaching – Igniting Business) whose only complaint is traffic jams en route to doing business in the Netherlands.


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