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How to Become Perfect Company?

People Communicating

It is true that sometimes we are urged to communicate with people whom we do not like or with whom we have no common interests. However, they may be important for our business, and our duty is keeping the conversation interesting. In other cases, a young person just needs some new friends and tries to start a dialogue but does not know how to do it correctly. Many students are afraid to be an annoying or boring companion, and that may be even a reason why they become close and cagey. Such behavior leads to worse marks and forming of a negative attitude towards you. Moreover, it is impossible to get a good job or receive a promotion, if you cannot be a nice conversationalist.  Communication is the key to success in almost every field of human activity. Do you want to know how to become a perfect companion and improve relationships with people? Take some tips and hints, which we compiled in this article, and you will see how much better and more amusing your life becomes.

Make Small Talk

Students Have Talk

The small talk includes several questions about one’s life, family, workplace and so on. That may be some general things, however, they will show that you are interested in someone’s life. The popular online resource presents such statement: F. O. R. M., which means family, occupation, recreation and money. Such kind of communication takes very little time, but a person’s attitude to you will become much better.

Show Your Interest

While having a talk with someone, it is important to ask questions about the person’s life. It is a well-known fact that people like to talk about themselves and are pleased when you ask them about their life. This is a good method to start a conversation. The common mistake, which people usually do, is talking about themselves without showing interest to another person. Such behavior will make you look like selfish.

Add Some Humor

Sure, it is a truly bad idea to make every single thing funny, as it may hurt other person’s feelings or present you as a silly clown. There are some topics when you have to stay serious and attentive. It refers to tragic events, catastrophes, someone’s troubles and so on. Do not even try to make a joke, when your companion tells you about the problems in their family or health issues. This will sound both stupid and rude. So, you have to analyze your thoughts before saying something. However, in other cases, humor is necessary. It can help you avoid confusing moments or pitfalls in some specific subjects. Moreover, you will look like a positive and open person. Everyone appreciates it and tries to continue the communication with such people.

Recent World-Wide Topics

People Discussing Politic

You should be aware of the recent events, which happened in the world. It is better to choose the topics of sports competitions or a new Hollywood blockbuster, than something about politics or religion. Sure, they are good topics for conversations and will definitely cause a great discussion. However, if you and your company have a different point of view on certain issues, it is better to prevent arguing and select a calmer topic. Keep in mind, that it is quite hard to control your emotions during a politics discussion, for example, so, you may make a relationship with a certain person even worse.

Behave Naturally

It is understandable that you want to be more attractive; however, it is not the reason to act like someone, whom you are not. It will make you look like a hypocrite. People like to communicate with open and natural people. Be yourself, this is the main secret of a successful communication. Do not try to lie or delude someone. Your relationship with this person will not be lasting if you build it on tricks and falsehood.

All in all, these tips can make you the best company ever. People will never get bored with you. This is a key to building positive relationships with any person, even with someone who is your enemy or whom you just do not like. Such an ability will help you to perform better during a job interview or while entering a college. Moreover, it will be much easier for you to fit in. These hints are especially helpful for shy teenagers, who cannot start a conversation by themselves. In our next article, we will tell you how to deal with people whom you do not like. It is a common situation when you need to have good relationships with someone unpleasant. Our team will try to help you with this issue and explain some useful methods to transform your enemy into your friend.

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