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How to Communicate with People You Do Not Like?

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In a perfect world, all people are pleasant in communication, and there are no conflicts or misunderstandings. However, in real life there are hundreds of people who drive us crazy, it is impossible to spend even a minute with them: it may be a noisy neighbor, an annoying classmate or even a professor who is too strict. You’d rather never speak to them, but life conditions demand it. You have no other choice and meet these people every single day. Moreover, in most cases, you have to stay polite and respectful relating to them. For example, you cannot say everything you think about your English teacher, even if he or she is truly unfair. After school or college, you may meet with your bad-tempered boss, who will demand to do impossible tasks and establish crazy deadlines for you. Anyway, you have to cope with this and continue to communicate with such people because your marks, salary or other thing depend on these relationships.

Take a Deep Breath

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This is the first thing you should use while meeting with an unpleasant person. “It may protect you from overreaction,” – is stated in one of the famous internet resources. If you are a smart person, you will not act too fast. It may have some bad consequences. So, take a pause and keep calm. Sometimes you get involved in various conflicts only because you say things too quickly without thinking about the results.

Keep the Distance

Maybe, the reason why you cannot stand a certain person is that you take everything he or she says too personally. This is a truly bad idea. Many people cannot establish a distance between them and someone unpleasant. It does not mean that you should avoid communication with such people. Just do not pay too much attention to the things they say. Set the boundaries and you will see that your life becomes more pleasant. In addition, people sometimes do not realize that their behavior may hurt someone. You can try to explain it to your unpleasant conversation partner; it can even change him or her for better.

See Some Positive Features

It is a vital step if you want to make your attitude to someone better and more positive. Sometimes, the problem is that you only pay attention to the negative aspects of a person’s temper. However, there are no absolutely bad people. You should try to discover something good in a certain person. Maybe, your boss is not such a terrible person, but he is just hard-working and demands the high quality from the other workers. Try to see the life from his point of view. In this way, you will better understand someone else’s mentality and perceive his or her negative sides.

Switch the Topic

Remember that it is the worst idea to communicate with people, whom you do not appreciate, on some specific topics as politics, war, religion, reforms and so on. Such topics usually provoke a discussion. While communicating with an aggressive person, it may lead to arguing and your relationship will become even worse. Try to switch the topic of conversation to something calmer. You can have a talk about recent films, your favorite band’s concert and so on. These topics are neutral and you can be sure that it will not cause a conflict.

Think About Your Behavior

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Sometimes, it is necessary to think about your behavior and attitude to a certain person. Maybe, you are a bully and provoke someone to act the same. Sometimes, people are aggressive with others and do not even realize it. Analyze the way you communicate with an unpleasant person and try to change your attitude for the better. Remember, that building a positive relationship depends on both people.

To sum up, we tried to explain the main ways, which may teach you how to behave with unpleasant people. Keep in mind, that if someone drives you crazy and you cannot stand it, it will be better to avoid such contacts. They make you feel stressed and angry. Do you want to have a bad mood every day? Of course, most of us will say: “No, I want to live a full and happy life.” So, in some cases, it is better to ignore annoying or aggressive people and save your nerves. In our next article, we will tell you how to avoid conflicts in everyday life. This information is significant for everyone who wants to become a happier person and prevent stressful situations. People encounter these issues every day: conflicts with classmates, arguing with a bad-tempered boss or discussions about the recent political news with colleagues.

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