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How to Develop Self-Confidence?

Serious Person

It is said that a self-confident person is the one who is not afraid or is able to act in spite of fear. In this article, we are going to list nine simple but effective methods that can help everyone overcome fear and develop self-confidence.

Just Improve: You Can Do It!

In childhood, we were absolutely confident, we did not have any complexes and did not suffer low self-esteem. We believed that we could do absolutely everything and developed rapidly. Nevertheless, time, education, living conditions and many other factors can significantly reduce the internal power of many people. Each person has a unique set of skills and capabilities. However, you should remember that you can be better. The importance of this lies not only in standing-out and becoming popular, but also in gaining a sense of self-sufficiency.

Recognizing of self-esteem problem is simple.

Ask Yourself

  1. Do you take offense at anyone?
  2. Are you jealous in general?
  3. Was there any situation when you had to turn someone off but you could not?
  4. Do you want your achievements and talents to be appreciated by other people?
  5. Is it annoying if not everything is going the way you want?

Analyze the result: if you say “yes” for some of the questions above, you have a problem with self-esteem. It is necessary to work on improving it and gain more confidence in your abilities. Complexes and insecurities get us to compare ourselves with others. Always and everywhere there is someone who is superior to you in some way. And that’s fine.

Tip One: “Gradual Loads”

The aim of this method is to act gradually. For example, if a person is afraid of height and even cannot think about air travel, it is not necessary to begin with something scary. You can use any tip for a start. For example, go up to the fifth floor, walk up to the window sill, make sure that everything is alright, and carefully look out the window.

The method of gradual loads can be different regarding the personal situation and any movement they make to go just a little beyond the usual comfort zone to meet the goal. For example, if one is afraid of dating, their compliment to the person they like can be the first step, and the invitation to the date is the tenth step. You will be surprised how easy it is to make the tenth step after the ninth and the eighth ones. Gradually you will overcome your fears more easily.

Tip Two: Do Not Criticize Yourself

Excessive self-criticism has a negative impact on your confidence. Your low estimation of your actions does not allow you to obtain satisfaction from the work. Try to write about fifty of your positive qualities that you are proud of. Keep a notebook that should be available to you every evening to write everything done during a day. Your productivity will increase remarkably. You will see!

Tip Three: Plan Your Day

The Diary

If your to-do-list is large enough, you should plan carefully. When you properly manage your time and can implement all the tasks planned for the day, you can feel the inner freedom, and consequently, increase personal confidence.

Tip Four: Start Going in for Sports

The external manifestation of confidence can be adjusted by visualizing yourself in a comfortable environment. Straighten your shoulders, raise your head, relax, and your calm exterior enters into the inner state. Confidence in appearance and physical condition is able to raise the level of your self-esteem. So, do not to neglect sports activities.

Tip Five: State Your Posture

Watch your posture and gait. Your posture should be open. Your gestures should be expressive. Do not slouch, straighten your shoulders. You must demonstrate that you are a very confident person. After all, body language, gestures, and postures unconsciously affect us and our confidence. Few people know about it. Here you can find more advice about how to be confident.

Tip Six: Relax

This method can be called physiological, because through the relaxation of the body we affect the state of our mind. The more your mind and senses are excited, the stronger the internal states of body and mind are interconnected. During relaxation, you can calm down and soothe your mind.

Tip Seven: Intonation

The other important thing is intonation. With its help, you will be able to pass on to others your mood, emotions, location, or on the contrary, a negative attitude. Using the intonation, timbre, and height of your voice, not only you can make an impression on the other person but also successfully achieve your goals in a conversation.

Tip Eight: Awareness

This method is one of the most effective. Awareness can be considered as knowledge or expertise. For example, when applying for a job, it is quite normal to feel shaky because you do not know whether you will cope with the tasks or no. However, for professionals there is nothing to fear. Their self-confidence is based on the experience. So, learning is the best cure for the lack of confidence. Ancient people were afraid of natural phenomena.

Tip Nine: Self Analysis

In fact, all our fears are held on the underlying maladaptive beliefs about ourselves and the life. Each problem is a result of your own thinking. And your analysis helps identify illusions. It is important to remember that when revealing of the fear, we discover an additional opportunity to become stronger. It is not necessary to justify yourself when someone supports your fears and wishes. All this is a temptation that make you weak and weak-willed. Overcoming fears and self-doubt does not mean committing life-threatening rash actions. Meeting fears means to grow, learn, become stronger and wiser.

So gradually, step by step, you can take the road of a confident person. At first, it will be a burden to you. But later, you will feel that your lack of confidence has disappeared, and it has become much easier and more enjoyable to achieve goals.

We hope that you enjoyed this article! A confident person should know how to conduct a conversation. We recommend finding out how to develop communication skills.

Do not forget to smile and be positive! After all, a smile is one of the most important signs of a self-confident person.



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